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Health Centres completed in 2017

Brief description

Ashghal completed the construction of 3 health centres in 2017, including Al Waab Health Centre, Al Wajba Centre for Health and Wellness, and Muaither Centre for Health and Wellness

The newly-designed health centers, adopted by the Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ and in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health have, possess more up-to-date services and spacious areas than the old-fashioned ones, increasing capacity and enabling more diverse clinics, along with wellness services, the first of their kind in Qatar.
As requested by the Ministry of Public Health, Ashghal has set three design categories: A, B, and C. The three classes have uninform architectural designs, involving the whole basic medical sections, but with different total areas which depend on the size of admission.

Al Waab Healthcare centres:
That healthcare centre was designed according to type (B), that comprises two basements, a ground floor and one upper floor. The centre will include blood test clinics, women's health clinics, specialised clinics, dental clinics, x-rays, pharmacy, labs, chronic diseases clinics, emergency, pre-marriage tests, and educational services.

Muaither and Al Wajba Centres for Health and Wellness:
These two healthcare centres were designed according to Type (C), which comprises of two basements, a ground floor and one upper floor. The design of the type (C) features wellness facilities, which include a health club, massage rooms, swimming pool and sauna and Jacuzzi rooms. This is in addition to the main sections available in most of the primary healthcare centres, which include: emergency, specialised clinics and other women's and men's clinics, dental clinics, chronic diseases clinics, pre-marriage tests and labs for tests and x-rays.
Project Information
Geographical Location N/A
Area Multiple Areas
Sector Health
Status Complete
Type Buildings
Start Date 01 May 2015
Expected completion date Fourth quarter of 2017
Construction company N/A
Consulting company N/A