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Roads & Infrastructure Project in Mebaireek

Brief description

​The project aims to serve 1163 citizens' residential plots in Mebaireek area through the provision of integrated infrastructure services and an internal road network to enhance traffic flow and provide connectivity with public facilities in the area.

The project includes:

  • An internal roads network with a total length of 55 km
  • Road safety features including street lighting & road signs and marking
  • A 9 km-long shared pedestrian and cycle lanes
  • 7,236 car parking bays
  • 17 km-long foul sewer network
  • 28 km surface and groundwater drainage network
  • 28 km Treated Sewerage Effluent (TSE) network
  • Potable water pipes connected to the main network
  • Protection of power and communications lines
Project Information
Geographical Location N/A
Area Mebaireek
Sector Infrastructure Projects
Total Cost 626,315,173 Q.R.
Status In progress
Type Drainage
Start Date 01 December 2020
Expected completion date Second quarter of 2024
Construction company

​Boom Construction Company

Consulting company