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Operation and Maintenance of CCTV System Throughout Qatar AA-R/14-15/OM/042C1/I
Tender Number
Tender Type
Tender Participants
Qatari Companies Only ,
Tender Status
Tender Bond
110,000 Q.R.
Tender Category
Issuing Date
12 November 2014
Closing Date
07 December 2014
Document Fees
1,000 Q.R.
Tender Details:

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) System and Traffic Signal System have been increasingly  deployed across Doha for monitoring  and improvement of signalized junctions, and variety of visual surveillance purposes. Efficiently managing CCTV and Traffic Signal operations and maintenance may present significant challenges. This specifications has been prepared to cover the Operations and Maintenance of CCTV System and Traffic Signal System that been installed across Qatar.
The CCTV shall be operated within applicable law, and for the ethical and beneficial purposes for which it is established. The aim is to enhance the surveillance and situational awareness of transportation movement at signalized junctions. It enables Traffic Monitoring Centre (TMC) operators to perform valuable monitoring, detection, verification and response activities.
The primary goal of Traffic Signal is to maintain the safe and efficient transfer of right-of-way between complementary and competing traffic demands at intersections or roundabout . Traffic signal controllers are specialized devices designed to manage the flow of traffic at intersections by distributing capacity in the form of green time to each intersection approach. It shall be operated in perfect condition to prevent conflicting movements from having the right of way at the same time.
Effective maintenance plan is essential to sustain and preserve the CCTV and Traffic Signal system a desired condition or level of performance. Through well  maintenance program minor problem can be detected and corrected before they become a major problem that need to shut down thus affected the operations.
The Contract duration of the project is 730 days and 400 days  of Maintenance Period for New works carried under the Contract as per the Section C Clause 6 of Project Specifications.
The actual quantities for whole of the Works are subject to re-measurement in accordance with Sub Clauses 55.1 and 55.2 of the Particular Conditions of Contract.
Document Fees
1,000 Q.R.
Contact Details
Engineering Services Department
Public Works Authority
Fax No. (+974) 44950777
Email:  esd.tenders@ashghal.gov.qa