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Completion of TSE Lines & Progress of Improvement Works on Some Streets in Al Gharrafa


Construction of 3.2 km of TSE lines to serve Al Gharrafa Park and nearby green areas

​The Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ announced the completion of constructing 3.2 km of treated sewage effluent (TSE) lines to serve Al Gharrafa Park and nearby green areas. Once the irrigation network was completed, the Public Works Authority started to accelerate progress of development works for some roads in Al Gharrafa area, including the street parallel to Umm Al Zubar and the streets perpendicular to them, which are surrounding Al-Gharrafa Park.

Eng. Fahad Muhammad Al-Otaibi, Ashghal’s Head of the Western Areas Section in the Roads Projects Department (RPD), pointed out that “the project comes as part of the Authority's efforts to improve existing public service facilities in the area, and provide new services and upgrade the streets, to cope with the economic and social growth requirements in Qatar”. He explained that the project has several benefits including the sustainable exploitation of treated effluent to irrigate and increase the green space, parks and plants alongside streets in the area, and regulating the traffic and easing access to sports facilities and residential areas in the vicinity.

Regarding the TSE network works, Eng. Fahad Al-Otaibi stated that “the scope of works involved the construction of TSE lines at a total length of 3.2 km, in order to serve Al Gharrafa Park and the green spaces in the area. The TSE lines extend from Al Maszhabiya Street and then into Jary Al-Samer Street to Umm Al Zubar Street until Al Gharrafa Park.”

As for the roads upgrading works, they are currently underway as the streets around Al-Gharrafa Park are being upgraded with a total length of 1.5 km. Works include street lighting and street safety features, road markings and road and traffic signs. Further to road works, the project scope comprises infrastructure utilities lines such as irrigation networks, surface water, rainwater and groundwater drainage networks.

It is worth mentioning that the Road Improvement Works in the Western Areas Project is part of Ashghal’s plan to improve roads and infrastructure networks services in several areas in Al-Gharrafa and Al-Rayyan, and that all works are scheduled to be completed by the second quarter of 2021.