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Ashghal > Home Accessibility
Welcome to Ashghal’s website accessibility page
We welcome your input in making this website better for everyone.

Standards Compliance
This site has been built to comply with standard web guidelines. As such it is best viewed by most modern browsers.
Colors and images
We have designed the site using consistent colors, and for ease of navigation. Photos and images have been optimized to be easily downloadable or previewed through the browser.
Related Links
We were keen to ensure that most of the website sections have context-related links to ease navigation both in the website or when opening an external link.
Accessible Website Content
Some of our primary efforts in making this website accessible are as follows:


The website has a bilingual interface, and all content is mirrored in both Arabic and English languages to provide information and services to the visitor.

Fonts Sizes and Types

We have applied best practice in web design font usage. The fonts used on this site are designed to be convenient with respect to their types, sizes, colors and how they are displayed.


Links have been used in a consistent way across the site in terms of their distribution on each page, enabling the user to easily locate the appropriate link and access the required information. 

We are trying to make this website as accessible as it can be for all visitors. If you have any problems accessing information on this site, please let us know. We welcome your feedback and suggestions, so feel free to contact our webmaster at: webmaster@ashghal.gov.qa