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APMS is a new application to manage end-to-end Project & Portfolio management. It combines Schedule Control, Pre-Tender Budget Control & Cost Management, Change & Payment Management and more. It is an internet enabled application allowing collaborative working between Ashghal , Supervision Consultants & Contractors.

Training Materials

Training Manuals

Training Video

HPD Training Videos

Product Training
Construction Contractor(Part1)
Construction Contractor(Part2)
Consultancy Contractor

RPD Training Videos

Product Training
Project Activation
Budget and Cost Look Ahead
Contract Activation
Change Management - Ashghal Departments Training
Change Management - Consultant & Contractor Training
Payment Submission
Document Management Training
Contratual KPI Submissions
ATM, Staffing Plan and Timesheet Submissions
Senior Management Training

DNPD Training Videos

Product Training
Project and Contract Activation
Payment Submission
Ashghal Departments Training
Consultant & Contractor Training
Document Management Training
Staffing Plan and Timesheet Submissions
Senior Management Training

NCR Training Videos

NCR - Training [Contractor,SC,SRE,Dept Users(PA & AA)]
NCR - Training (PQD Dept users)
NCR - Training (Dept Senior Management PA & AA)
NCR - Training (QSD Dept users)

ESD Training Videos

ESD Advisory Services
ESD Advisory Services – Manager

Primavera P6 Training Videos

P6 Schedule Management & MSMS

Gateway Review Management System Training Videos

Gateway Review Management - Department Users
Gateway Review Management - Senior Management

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