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Ashghal > Home > Media Hub > Press Releases Opening of Roads Around Abu Nakhla Petrol Station in Mebaireek

Opening of Roads Around Abu Nakhla Petrol Station in Mebaireek


Safe roads and entrances for users of the petrol station

​The Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ announced the completion of works of the roads and infrastructure around Abu Nakhla Petrol Station which is located on Salwa Road in Mebaireek, and opening of roads for traffic movement, as part of Road Improvement Works in Al-Rayyan Area, Phase 5.

The main purpose of the completed works is to provide safe roads and entrances for users of the petrol station, and regulate traffic around it, as well as facilitate access to the existing schools in the neighboring areas.

Eng. Fahad Mohamed Al-Otaibi, Head of Western Area Section in the Roads Project Department, stated that Ashghal was keen to accelerate work progress of the roads around Abu Nakhla Petrol Station in Mebaireek in order to serve the users of this facility, including visitors and residents of this area and neighbourhoods like Abu Nakhla, Al Sailiya and Bul Yuwabi.

Eng. Fahad Mohamed Al-Otaibi pointed out that in addition to constructing roads which serve the petrol station, two roundabouts were constructed to facilitate and regulate traffic access to the existing schools on Rawdat Umm Islama Street, which are located behind the station, including Al Sailiya School, Abu Nakhla School and Fatima Zahra School. He also stressed the importance of the roads delivered by the project that serves both the station and the educational institutions, facilitates local access to them, and provides infrastructure utilities and road safety elements to fulfil the needs of the residents of Mebaireek and Abu Nakhla areas as well as other nearby areas.

It is worth noting that the project’s scope of works involved providing entrances and exits to and from the petrol station at a total road length of 1.6 Km and asphalt works over a 10-squre meter-surface, as well as providing lighting systems alongside the new streets (1.6-km-long), and installing directional signage and road markings.

As for infrastructure works, 1.2-km-long stormwater and surface water drainage networks have been implemented in order to protect the area from the risk of flooding, in addition to upgrading 300 meters of potable water network lines and protecting electricity and telecommunications services’ lines.

Eng. Fahed Mohamed Al-Otaibi stressed Ashghal’s keenness on using locally produced and manufactured materials. He pointed out that the local component makes up 85% of the project works. The local materials used included Gabbro, lighting poles and luminaires, surface water drainage pipes, asphalt, prefabricated manholes, concrete, and reinforcement steel.

This project is part of Ashghal’s plan to develop the existing road network and improve its efficiency nationwide. It is worth noting that works are underway to construct a new bridge to serve Mebaireek areas.