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Internal Auditing Department
The Internal Auditing Department's responsibility is to:
  1. Prepare the annual auditing plans for administrative units in the authority, submit it to the President for adoption, and prepare reports with the audit results.
  2. Monitor compliance with the implementation of the laws, regulations and decisions related to the authority’s activities.
  3. Monitor financial documents such as payment vouchers, receipt vouchers, general vouchers and others after payment.
  4. Review financial instructions, suggest needed modifications, and monitor its implementation.
  5. Monitor employee recruitment procedures, employees vacations, promotions and other personnel procedures, and ensure compliance with laws, regulations and decisions regulating these procedures.
  6. Ensure the security of money, equipment, assets, furniture, buildings and other Ashghal possessions or possessions under its supervision.
  7. Participate in preparing an inventory of stores contents and other assets.