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Ashghal > Home > About Us > Organisation Chart > President of the Public Works Authority President of the Public Works Authority
President of the Public Works Authority 'Ashghal'
The President is responsible - under the supervision of the Minister following the general policy of the authority, for conducting all the technical, financial and administrative affairs of Ashghal in accordance with the rules and regulations prescribed, and within the annual budget. The President of Ashghal is concerned with the following liabilities:
  1. To develop the public policy of the authority and supervise its implementation.
  2. To adopt the authority’s projects plans and programmes, and monitor their implementation.
  3. To supervise the proper functioning of the authority.
  4. To propose fees and charges for services provided by the authority.
  5. To propose legislation relating to the work of Ashghal.
  6. To prepare an annual report on the programmes of the authority and its achievements and present it to the Minister at the end of each fiscal year.
The President’s decision mentioned above in item (1) takes effect only after approval by the Council of Ministers, upon the submission by the Minister.