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Ashghal > Home > About Us > Organisation Chart > President of the Public Works Authority Public Relations & Communications Unit
Public Relations & Communications Department 
The PR and Communications Department's responsibility is to:​​
  1. Publish newsletters and information programmes that aim to define the role of the authority, its activities and functions, in co-ordination with the concerned administrative units.
  2. Monitor news and articles published in the media concerning Ashghal and its functions, present them to the officials and prepare a response to them.
  3. Receive requests and complaints from clients, forward them to the concerned administrative units and respond to their inquiries.  
  4. Travel, hospitality and accommodation arrangements for the authority’s guests and visiting delegations, in co-ordination with the concerned administrative units.
  5. Organise cultural, social and sports activities for employees of the authority, and supervising the celebrations held by or involving the authority.
  6. Organise conferences, seminars and exhibitions held by the authority, and preparing the necessary budget, in co-ordination with the concerned administrative units.
  7. Prepare working papers related to conferences, seminars and regional and international meetings, regarding the authority’s activities, in co-ordination with the concerned authorities and relevant administrative units.
  8. Prepare reports and responses required by organisations and unions, regional and international bodies regarding the activity of the authority, in co-ordination with the relevant administrative units, and following-up on its recommendations, in co-ordination with the concerned state authorities.
  9. Prepare required reports related to the efficiency and competency of international co-operation with regional and international organisations and authorities related to Ashghal’s functions.