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Planning and Quality Department  
The Planning and Quality Department's responsibility is to:
  1. Prepare the authority’s general strategic plan, in co-ordination with the relevant authorities, and concerned administrative units, and adopt it.
  2. Submit the executive plans of projects and programmes to the different administrative units for approval by the president.
  3. Follow-up on the implementation of the strategic plan, and the authority’s executive plan, evaluate its results and submit periodical reports about it.
  4. Study challenges and obstacles that face the implementation of the strategic and executive plans and suggest suitable solutions.
  5. Verify that work methods and systems are in harmony with the authority’s specialisation and objectives, and submit suggestions in this regards.
  6. Develop programmes to evaluate the corporate performance to ensure the quality of services at the administrative units.
  7. Review and evaluate the performance of administrative units, and propose suggestions to increase its general efficiency.
  8. Study the challenges and obstacles of working in the authority, research their reasons, and suggest suitable solutions.
  9. Suggest plans to develop work methods and systems and simplify procedures, in co-ordination with the relevant authorities and concerned administrative units.