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Ashghal > Home > Media Hub > Press Releases Ashghal Constructs New TSE Filling Unit at Doha West Sewage Treatment Plant

Ashghal Constructs New TSE Filling Unit at Doha West Sewage Treatment Plant


Filling Station Unit in Doha West STW

​​​As part of its efforts to facilitate the availability of treated water, the Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ has built a filling station for treated sewage effluent (TSE) at the Doha West Sewage Treatment Plant, with the aim of enabling treated water users to obtain treated water directly from the plant.

This step comes as part of Ashghal’s initiatives to provide TSE filling stations in various strategic locations in Qatar to encourage the industrial, construction, fodder agriculture and cooling sectors to use treated water instead of potable water across Qatar.

The project includes design, supply, installation, construction and operation of the TSE tanker filling station at the Doha West Sewage Treatment Plant, which is strategically located at the crossroads between Salwa Road and Al Majd Road.

The Doha West plant can fill up to 20 tankers simultaneously with a capacity of 20 cubic meters of treated water. The process is quick taking on average 12 minutes to fill each tanker, minimising tankers waiting times. 

The plant contributes towards increasing the total filling rates of tankers, reaching up to 40 tankers per hour, 960 tankers per day, and more than 350 thousand tankers per annum. The Doha West plant produces 275,000 cubic meters of TSE per day, and in 2020 produced approximately 100 million cubic meters of Treated Water SE.

Uses of TSE 

Ashghal operates 24 wastewater treatment plants, located in the various cities and suburbs of Qatar. These plants produce TSE that conforms to international and local specifications. The uses of treated sewage effluent produced from the plants on a daily basis as a type of recycling include:

  • Irrigation of green areas and beautification of roads
  • Fodder agriculture
  • Cooling system 
  • Washing sand used in construction
  • ​Roads and construction projects

High quality treated water

The treatment process begins with the primary stage of removing sludge, sand and oils, followed by the secondary stage of removing nutrients, then the tertiary advanced filtering stage using sand and microns (UF 0.02 micron) and then the sterilization process by chlorine and ultraviolet rays. 

​Flow of Sewage from Networks through the Tanks

The drainage water flows by gravitational force from the facilities to the lifting stations, from which the water is pushed to the treatment plants. The water enters through various treatment stages to finally produce treated water suitable for many uses.

Ashghal’s two wastewater treatment plants in West Doha and Lusail provide the service of filling treated water to tankers.

Ashghal endeavors to provide its customers who use treated water with world class services and a constant supply of treated water. For this purpose, many advanced systems and technological solutions are used, such as smart meters, leakage detection devices, tankers tracking systems, and lately the systemised filling stations.

Ashghal provides all the information about the treated water service through its official website and developed customer zone portal.