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Ashghal > Home > Media Hub > Press Releases Ashghal Fully Opens Mesaimeer Interchange for Traffic and the Final Route from Al Wakra to Doha

Ashghal Fully Opens Mesaimeer Interchange for Traffic and the Final Route from Al Wakra to Doha


Mesaimeer Interchange an icon of architect, implemented by the Public Works Authority

​The Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ announces opening Mesaimeer Interchange to full traffic and the final route connecting Al Wakra to Doha, as drivers coming from Mesaieed Road can reach Nuaija, Fereej Al Ali, Rawdat Al Khail Street and D Ring Road, shortening travel time by 70%.

The opening marks latest achievements of the key junction after being converted from the highly congested roundabout to the first 3-level interchange with 9 tunnels linking 5 main roads: Doha Expressway, E Ring Road, Rawdat Al Khail St., Industrial & Mesaieed Road, and providing ease of access to Sabah Al Ahmad Corridor and G-Ring Road..

The interchange works are 6.1km in length and have the capacity of 20,000 vehicles per hour in both directions. The new interchange will improve traffic considerably and will shorten travel time by more than 70%.

On this occasion, Engineer Bader Darwish, Highways Projects Department Manager has confirmed that Mesaimeer Interchange is an icon of architect, that was implemented by the Public Works Authority, making the interchange a vital link that provides free traffic flow towards 5 main roads that serve high-density residential areas and the Industrial Area and other vital facilities such as Al Thumama Stadium.

He also added that Doha South area has seen the development and construction of a network consisting of main roads such as G-Ring Road, Sabah Al Ahmad Corridor, Industrial Area Road, E-Ring Road,  D-Ring Road and Rawdat Al Khail Street, which contributed significantly not only towards improving traffic, but also enhancement of commercial activity in the area.

From his part, Eng. Hassan Al Ghanim Head of External Highways Section in Highway Projects Department stressed that the road users coming from Al Wakra and Al Wukair can directly access Nuaija and Fereej Al Ali up to Doha Central through Rawdat Al Khail street, pointing out that Mesaimeer Interchange after being converted from a small roundabout to a multi-level interchange that allowed road users to use alternative roads reduced traffic congestion substantially. 

Al Ghanim added that the Public Works Authority has upgraded Mesaimeer old roundabout into a 3-level interchange and developed parts of the roads linking with the interchange, as Ashghal has developed Rawdat Al Khail Street up to D-ring Road and removed Fereej Al Ali roundabout, expanded the street in addition to provide a bridge linking between the Industrial Area and Rawdat Al Khail Street. Ashghal has also developed part of Doha Expressway and removed traffic signals with Wholesale Market Street to ease traffic flow, and most importantly to provide a new road guiding comers from Al Wakra, Al Wukair and Sabah Al Ahmad corridor to Doha, in order to link the south with the north, which has reduced the travel time and traffic congestion. 

Interchange benefits

“A link” 

Mesaimeer Interchange is the first interchange in Qatar that connects 5 main roads, Doha Expressway, Mesaieed Road, Industrial Area Road, Rawdat Al Khail Street, and E-Ring Road, as it also facilitates access to Sabah Al Ahmad Corridor, G-Ring Road, D-Ring Road. 

The importance of the interchange is increased as it links between the south of the country, Doha Central and the north.

In addition to linking traffic between Industrial Area and the heart of Doha through its connection to Rawdat Al Khail street which interchanges with D-Ring road, C-Ring road, up to B-Ring road, as well as the areas between Nuaija, Al Thumama, Bu Hamour, Al Maamoura and it facilities access to Al Wakra, Al Wukair, and Industrial Area.

The interchange is located in vital areas that consists of many vital facilities especially Al Thumama Stadium, one of the World Cup stadiums, especially since the interchange will include 3 pedestrian bridges that will secure fans access to Al Thumama Stadium and surrounding residential areas. 

The interchange will also serve many important educational, health and commercial facilities such as Medical commission, Meteorology Department, in addition to many different schools, health centers and nearby shopping malls. 

Interchange Integration with Sabah Al Ahmad Corridor 

Mesaimeer Interchange integrates with Sabah Al Ahmad Corridor through its connection to Al Thumama Stadium which is represents a strategic link that connects between Mesaieed Road and Doha Expressway to ease traffic flow between the north and south of the country passing by Doha, as this interchange is considered to be one of the vital interchanges in the country where access is facilitated to its nearby residential areas such as Al Thumama, Mesaimeer, Bu Hamour, Nuaija, Al Wakra and Al Wukair, and it reduces traffic congestion for arrivals from these areas to Hamad International Airport, southern regions and Doha, and from there to the northern areas in the country.