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Ashghal > Home > Media Hub > Press Releases Ashghal Opens New Interchange on Salwa Road by Mebaireek

Ashghal Opens New Interchange on Salwa Road by Mebaireek


The new interchange aims to provide direct and free link for Salwa Road commuters towards Mebaireek and Al Sailiya

​The Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ announces it has opened new interchange on Salwa Road by Mebaireek Area, implemented by the Highway Projects Department a​iming to enhance traffic movement on Salwa Road for commuters heading for Mebaireek, Bu Nakhla, Al Sailiya and Al Mearad.

New interchange 

The Public Works Authority – ‘Ashghal’ built a new two-level interchange located between Al Sailiya Interchange and Mesaieed Interchange, connecting Salwa Road and Mebaireek Street. The junction consists of two main bridges, 330 meters long, in addition to several exit points, loops bridges and local roads connected to the new interchange, facilitating traffic movement in all directions.

The works of the new interchange include construction of bypass roads and local roads with a total length of approx. 3km, in addition to the construction of 3km of pedestrian and cycling paths, whereas the area of landscape on both sides of the interchange is around 41,000 sqm.

New junction will contribute to improving traffic flow in the area, reducing travel time by 50% as it provides free traffic flow  to Al Sailiya from Mebaireek, the interchange also provides an alternative option to the nearby Al Sailiya Interchange thereby reducing traffic congestion, as the new interchange can accommodate more than 8500 vehicles per hour.

The construction of new interchange aims to provide direct and free link for Salwa Road commuters towards Mebaireek and Al Sailiya areas by providing service roads in both directions of Salwa Road, for road users heading coming from Doha towards Mebaireek and Al Sailiya areas, or for those heading from Mebaireek and Al Sailiya towards external areas in south and west of Qatar such as Abu Nakhlah, Mukaynis, and Al Karaana.

Converting Khalid bin Ahmad R/A to Signal-controlled Interchange

‘Ashghal’ had upgraded and expanded of Khalid Bin Ahmed Interchange, converting the roundabout into a signal-controlled interchange and opened it to traffic in November 2022 to connect Salwa Road, Salwa Road Al Furousiya Street and to connect East Industrial Street, therefore enhancing traffic flow which accommodates 8500 vehicles per hour instead of 5000 vehicles per hour, cutting travel time to about 80%. 

The signal-controlled interchange, after its upgrade, consists of six lanes with many entry-exit point to 2.8km long connection roads, in addition to tree planation over an approximated area of 10,000 square meters as part of landscape works. 

The new signal-controlled interchange contributes to regulating traffic movement and provide more traffic safety instead of the old roundabout, with necessary expansion, which facilitated the connection of traffic between Salwa Road, Al Furousiya Street and East Industrial Street, and serves the residents of surrounding areas.

The importance of Khalid Bin Ahmed Interchange lies in its location at the entrance to Doha, Industrial Area, malls and many residential areas with large population density such as Ain Khaled, New Fereej Al Ghanim, Fereej Al Murrah, Fereej Al Manaseer and Muaither.

Continuous Projects

On this occasion, Yousef Al-Emadi, Projects Affairs Director at ‘Ashghal’:  the development and construction of two vital interchanges in Doha Western Entrance on Salwa Road has been completed, which will certainly contribute to the enhancement of traffic movement. The construction of the two interchanges on Salwa Road will enhance the flow of traffic between Doha and Al Rayyan Municipality on one hand and the external areas on the other, providing an alternative option for Al Sailiya interchange.

Al-Emadi noted that the infrastructure projects are ongoing and extensive emphasizing the State’s keenness to continue its sustainable development in all fields.

Rayyan Municipality

For his part, Mr. Jaber Hassan Al Jaber, Director of Al Rayyan Municipality, confirmed that the development of Khalid Bin Ahmed Interchange and the new Mebaireek Interchange will serve various areas in Al Rayyan Municipality such as Industrial Zone, Mebaireek, Al Sailiya and others, praising Ashghal’s efforts to complete the project promptly.

Residential Areas

Eng. Bader Darwish, Highway Projects Department Manager: ‘Ashghal’ is concerned with providing highways serving residential areas to enhance traffic movement of residents and prevent traffic congestion, noting that the junction by Mebaireek will reduce travel time to 50%. Similarly, the conversion of the vital Khalid bin Ahmad Roundabout to Signal-controlled Interchange and expansion will reduce travel time to various destinations to about 80%.

​Gratitude and Appreciation 

On his part, Mr. Abdulla Mohammed Al-Nabet, member of the Central Municipal Council of District 13, expressed his gratitude for Ashghal’s completion of the project, noting that the new interchange would greatly serve the residents of the areas of Mebaireek, Abu Nakhla, and Al Sailiya in particular.

Traffic Safety 

In turn, Captain Eng. Abdullah Mansour Al Shaeel, Diversion Section Head at Traffic Safety Department in General Directorate of Traffic, explained that the new interchange was constructed in coordination with the General Directorate of Traffic to provide traffic safety, especially during the period of closures and traffic diversions, as the new interchange is located on Salwa Road where the traffic density is high.

Citizen from the Area Mr.  Mubarak Al Nabit voiced his joy at the opening of the new junction, pointing out that the interchange will make easy access for residents in and out as it will ensure a direct connection with Salwa Rd and the surrounding areas.

Local Materials

On his part, Project Engineer Noah Al-Joof stated: reliance on local materials and national factories in project's work is approx. 80% where lighting poles and directional signs, drainage pipes, rainwater drainage pipes, premade manholes, concrete and steel were supplied.

Innovative Construction Methods

He added that the main features of the project include the provision of distinctive building methods such as the use of precast steel beams to reduce the closure of the underpass in Al Furousiya and Salwa Interchange.

As for Mebaireek Bridge, the implementation was planned to be on several stages to avoid traffic closure for Salwa Road users.

Traffic reduction

On his part, Project Engineer Eng. Nasser Dalmouk confirmed that the construction of Khalid Bin Ahmed and Mebaireek Interchanges will contribute significantly to enhancing traveler  and cargo traffic as connect between the Abu Samra border point in the south-west and Hamad port.

He added that the implementation of pedestrian and cycling paths will encourage residents of the area to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, the implementation of various local roads at both ends of the interchange will contribute to reducing traffic congestion and achieving the required traffic safety.​​​