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Ashghal > Home > Media Hub > Press Releases Ashghal opens to interchanges on North road to traffic

Ashghal Opens Izghawa Interchange, the Bridge Linking Al Huwaila Road to the North Road to Traffic


Ashghal opens Izghawa Interchange on the North Road with the participation of the Municipality of Al Khor and Al Thakhira and the Ministry of Transport and Communications and the Central Municipal Council and the General Traffic Department‬

As part of North Road Corridor Enhancement Project, Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ opened to Traffic on Saturday 22nd October 2016 Izghawa Interchange and the bridge linking Al Huwaila road to the North Road. The opening was attended by Eng. Nasser Ghaith Al Kuwari, Ashghal’s Expressway Department Manager, Mr. Mubarak Al Kuwari, Al Daayen Municipality Director, Mr. Mohamed Said Al Muhannadi, representative of Al Khor and Al Thakhira Municipality Director, Mr. Rashid Taleb Al Nabet, Director of the Ministry’s Road Transport Planning Department at the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC) and a number of MOTC’s officials, Captain Engineer Muhammad Misfir Al Hajri, Traffic Planning Section Head at the General Traffic Department, as well as Central Municipal Council members, including, Mr. Mubarak Fereesh, Mr. Rabeea Hamad Al Kaabi, and Mr. Saeed Mubarak Al Rashidi.

Izghawa Interchange
Izghawa Interchange is regarded as a key connection in a populated area since it consists of three graded levels, ranging from a single to four lanes in each direction besides a light signal.

The new junction will make alternative access roads available from Lusail City to Izghawa area into Al Shamal Road, supposed to be the main route to commercial projects there.

The intersection, acting as Duhail Intersection, will also provide better access to local roads as well as alleviate traffic congestions at the north side of Doha Golf Club, West Bay, Legtaifiya, Al Khor Coastal Road, and the northwestern side of Lusail Development Project.

Also, the intersection will be adding more local access roads to serve smooth flowing traffic into Al Gharrafa, the southwestern side of the Education City, Al Kharaytiat and Umm Salal Muhammad in the northwestern side.

Ashghal had opened a new bridge at Izghawa Interchange to traffic for commuters heading to Doha on June 30, 2016 and another road linking Al Shamal Road to Lusail City on September 21, 2016.

Bridge linking Al Huwaila road to the North Road
Lehwaila Interchange is composed of two separate levels with two and three lanes in each direction.

The new junction links the North Road to Al Huwaila Road, which was opened to traffic lately, that it will enhance traffic flowing from and into Ras Laffan area.

Lehwaila Interchange Bridge will help with free flowing traffic for heavy and light vehicles coming from Ras Laffan and heading towards Doha via Al Shamal Road.

In addition, the intersection has service roads which connect the local roads in Al Kaaban Area to Al Huwaila Road.

North Road Enhancement Project progress update:
As part of the North Road Enhancement Project, the approximately 5 km Al Khor Link Road (from Al Shamal Road to Ras Laffan Roundabout at Al Khor) has been opend to traffic after being upgraded into dual three lanes with street lighting, guard rails, cycle paths, service roads on one side and multiple entry and exit points to farms on the other side and high-visibility lane markings for night driving.

Al-Khor Link Road previously was only a dual two-lane route, severely deteriorated road with no service roads and no street lightings and guard rails.

The revamp will double the traffic capacity of the existing road and enable more efficient traffic movement, since the link road is regarded as an artery which connects the strategic Al Shamal Road to Al Khor City.

The project also enhances existing utilities networks in the local area through the installation of water supply lines, TSE line and electrical and communications cabling.

It is noteworthy that the North Road Enhancement project comprises the construction of service roads along the North Road, starting from Al Duhail Interchange to Al Shamal city.

The project is designed to enhance the connection with the new development projects near the highway, comprises the construction of two new interchanges in Izghawa and Umm Salal Mohammed   areas, in addition to improvements to three existing interchanges, including Al Khraitiyat, Al-Kheesa   and Lehwaila Interchange. Al Sakhama and Umm Alamad interchanges are upgraded and opened to traffic by introducing braiding structures on both sides of the bridge West of North Road for easy access to the suburbs and to North road.

The contracting company has completed over 80% percent of North Road Enhancement Project, due to be completed in 2017, achieving over 13 million man hour without Lost Injury Time