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Ashghal > Home > Media Hub > Press Releases Civil Defence Roundabout is now a Signal-Controlled Intersection

Civil Defence Roundabout is now a Signal-Controlled Intersection


Civil Defence Intersection after its completion and opening it completely to traffic
The Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ completely opened the Civil Defence Intersection to traffic on 14 September 2016 as scheduled, after converting it from a roundabout to a signal-controlled intersection.

The reconstructions included widening all streets leading to Civil Defence Intersection to become four lanes instead of three, as well as relocating utilities including power, sewerage and drainage lines.

To increase road capacity, the Medical City Intersection has been upgraded through widening the left-bound route to three lanes, for those heading for Hamad Medical City via the Civil Defence Intersection.

A third lane has also been added to the left-bound route for the motorists coming from the Sports Roundabout towards the Television Roundabout.

The reconfigurations come as part of the Development of Intersections and Roundabouts Project in several areas in Greater Doha aimed at enhancing the traffic flow and reducing the congestion in major areas.