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Completion of works on Shura Plaza and the construction of a Decorative Hoarding in cooperation with Qatar Museums


Completion of works on Shura Plaza & the construction of a Decorative Hoarding in cooperation with Qatar Museums

​ In parallel with the first-ever Shura Council elections in Qatar, the Supervisory Committee Of Beautification Of Roads And Public Places In Qatar announces the completion of Shura Plaza works, which includes the construction of a decorative hoarding displaying artwork by a Qatari artist. The artwork itself is an inspired by the concept of “Shura” among people that is in cooperation with Qatar Museums.
On this occasion, Eng. Sara Kafood, Deputy Chairman of Supervisory Committee of Beautification of Roads and Public Places in Qatar stated: the Shura Plaza Project is part of the Committee’s strategic plan, which aims to create spaces that encourage families to follow a healthy lifestyle, where they may seek leisure in nearby locations outside closed areas. She further added that the plaza is in a strategic location, which has many commercial, residential, and medical establishments. This makes the plaza a getaway for the residents and visitors of the area, where they can enjoy various activities and events, especially since vehicles are not needed to access the Plaza. Furthermore, the area connects the B-Ring and C-Ring roads from each side.

She further mentioned that an artwork has been added to the plaza as part of the Public Art initiatives in cooperation with Qatar Museums.
Eng. Maryam Al-Kuwari, Project Design Manager at the Supervisory Committee of Beautification of Roads and Public Places in Qatar explained that the Shura Plaza Project covers an area reaching up to 15,000 m2 with green areas covering 80% of the space, which is approximately 12,000 m2 of the plaza. The plaza has been designed in this crowded area to serve as a getaway for the residents and workers who wish to take a break in a green area away from closed spaces and stress. She added that the plaza has a 500 meters pedestrian path, which aims to encourage visitors to exercise and stroll around with their families and friends.

As for the materials used for the construction of the project, Eng. Maryam Al-Kuwari stated that all materials are eco-friendly. Also, construction works were implemented as per the local specifications and international standards, which is in line with Qatar’s initiative of supporting national manufacturers. In that regard, local materials reach up to 70% of total materials used in this project. Local manufacturers provided various materials and building elements, including irrigation pipes, electrical wiring, cables, interlocks and other materials that are suitable for the Qatari climate.

To further add a beautification element to the plaza, and in parallel with the ongoing Shura Council elections, Eng. Al-Kuwari stated that a decision was made to add an aesthetic 250 meters long hoarding to act as a platform for artwork, as the artwork was inspired by the importance of the concept of Shura among people. This is in cooperation with Qatar Museums, for the purpose of promoting artists who use digital drawing technology.

Artist Buthayna Al Zamman, maker of the artwork on the Shura Plaza wall stated that the concept of the artwork came after several discussions with the Committee, where it was agreed that the artwork reflects the proximity of the plaza to the Shura Council building, and also the solidarity of the people and their role in Qatari community. The artwork was done by using digital drawing technology, which is an advanced drawing method that allows the artist to use electronic devices to create the artwork. It also facilitates controlling the artwork’s dimensions by the artist, while also printing it in different scales. She further added that the drawings reflect diverse individuals from the community as a modern electronic game. Moreover, quotes related to the idea of Shura between the people was also drawn in Arabic script that is consistent with the overall artwork.

Supervisory Committee of Beautification of Roads and Public Places in Qatar
The committee works in coordination with several ministries and other entities of the State such as Ministry of Municipality and Environment, Ministry of Transport and Communications, Ministry of Culture and Sports, Qatar Museums Authority, Qatar Railway Company, Private Engineering Office among others. This Committee is responsible for five major tasks including construction of central public parks, providing dedicated lanes for pedestrians and bicycles, development of the Doha Corniche, development of Central Doha, and increasing trees and green areas.

The Committee’s work contributes to enhance sustainability through minimizing environmental pollution, reducing emission of CO2 through minimized consumption and conservation of energy resources. It also focuses on providing more public transport options aiming at reduced use of private cars and improve lifestyle through clean and safe transportation. It also works for providing healthy environment within residential neighborhoods and public places through increased afforestation and landscaping, which will greatly help in reducing temperature in cities.