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H.E the Prime Minister inaugurates Al Majd Road


Revealing the official name of the road (Al Majd Road)

Today, H.E Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al Thani, Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, inaugurated Al Majd Road in a ceremony attended by H.E Mr. Ahmed bin Abdullah in Zaid Al Mahmoud, the Speaker of the Shura Council, a number of the Ministers, diplomatic representatives in the State of Qatar, other senior officials and representatives from the project contractors.

The ceremony included the announcement of the completion of construction works of four (4) new roads totaling 195 kilometer in length, including Mesaieed Road, Hamad Port Road, Al Wukair Road as well as Al Majd Road.

H.E Mr. Jassim bin Saif Al Sulaiti, the Minister of Transport and Communications expressed that the inauguration of Al Majd Road will be a major contributor to the country's land transport and a boom in the internal and external trade. It will allow free flow movement of goods and people across key access and trade points in Qatar. Al Majd Road directly connects to Hamad Port in the south and will provide efficient access to Rass Laffan and Al-Ruwais Port to the north. It will also facilitate access to Hamad International Airport.

In further reference to the road’s significance, the Minister highlighted that Al Majd road serves many economic areas, such as the Industrial area, Economic zones Company (Manateq), and the Mesaieed Industrial Area. In addition, it is connected to Lusail City from one side and facilitates access to the business hubs in West Bay.

He added that this new road will not only reduce travel time by up to 50% but will also help reduce traffic congestion on highways and local roads. In addition, it will also reduce noise and carbon emission so as to achieve economic and environmental balance in infrastructure projects.

H.E. Mr. Ali Shareef Al Emadi, Minister of Finance, stated that the strategic leadership allocated an adequate budget to complete this critical project. He added that the government is committed to providing the dedicated funds to deliver and develop various infrastructure projects especially the road network that will facilitate access to 2022 FIFA World Cup stadiums.

H.E Eng. Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Bin Turki Al Subaie, Minister of Municipality and Environment, confirmed that the inauguration of Al Majd Road has a great meaning and significance, explaining that the name of the road came after “Tamim the Glorious” the symbol of pride and resilience in facing the blockade imposed on Qatar.

He added that Al Majd Road serves many municipalities and facilitates traffic flow and access to 30 residential areas. It extends from south to north, east through the west all the while serving the center of Qatar intersecting with all the main arterial roads of the State such as G Ring Road, Salwa Road, Dukhan Road, and Al Shamal Road extending to Al Khor Expressway.

H.E Dr. Saad Bin Ahmed Al Mohannadi, the President of The Public Works Authority “Ashghal”, expressed his pride for the inauguration of Al Majd Road. He said, “We present this great achievement to H.H Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani, Emir of Qatar, and to our wise government whose vision and direction have been pivotal in delivering this unique road”.

H.E confirmed that the completion of this road on schedule, despite the unjust blockade on Qatar, proves that the country is fast progressing in delivering world-class infrastructure, which will be a key factor in achieving the required economic and sustainable development in line with Qatar Vision 2030.

He added that Al Majd Road will be the main artery of Qatar’s road network and it will facilitate access to 2022 FIFA World Cup stadiums and it has been delivered 4 years in advance.

He said: “Al Majd Road forms a major part of the integrated road network being constructed by Ashghal and will serve the 2022 FIFA World Cup. It provides direct connectivity to both Al Rayyan and Lusail Stadium and facilitates access to all other stadiums namely Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor, Al Wakra Stadium, Al Thumama Stadium, Ras Bu Abboud Stadium south, as well as Education City Stadium and Khalifa International Stadium”.

Four new roads
The construction works of the four (4) new roads totaling 195 kilometers commenced in 2014. The previous two (2) lane in each direction Truck Route was upgraded to seven (7) lanes in each direction comprising a dedicated two (2) lane truck route and five (5) lanes for light vehicles.

The project also included the upgrade of Mesaieed Road from two (2) to seven (7) lanes in each direction as well as constructing Hamad Port Road consisting of four (4) lanes in each direction.

Additionally, more than 13 kilometres of Al Wukair Road was converted to a free flow road consisting of four (4) lanes in each direction as opposed to the previous one (1) lane in each direction.

The median along the full stretch of the project’s highway serves as provision for a future road expansion to a possible nine (9) lanes or a potential railway track.

Al Majd Road
Al Majd Road is a vital arterial road that beats in the heart of Qatar. It flows from south of Qatar to north and east to serve current and future urban communities on either side of it. These communities will be hubs for economic, industrial and agricultural trade as well as contributing to the development of the modern state that is Qatar.

Al Majd Road, being the core of the road network in Qatar, will be a key component of the significant transformation of the land transport network. It will be indispensable in developing adjacent areas and creating new residential areas, which may lead to a radical change in Qatars’ demographic. Moreover, it will foster colossal investment opportunities, enhance existing commercial activities through the provision of direct access to Qatar’s airports, sea, and land ports.

It extends from Mesaieed to Al Khor and Lusail, connecting the south with the north while simultaneously facilitating connections to the west, center and east of the country via its links to several arterial and main roads that connect  the State’s catchment areas.

Al Majd Road is linked to Al Wukair Road, G Ring Road, Salwa Road, Al Sailiya Road, Dukhan Road, Al Rufaa Street, Al Shamal Road to Al Khor Expressway on one end and Rass Laffan on the other.

Al Majd Road provides seven (7) lanes of free-flow dual carriageway from Mesaieed to Al Khor that will accommodate over 14,000 vehicles per hour in each direction.

It is considered one of the safest roads in Qatar owing to its unique and international standard design, which strategically provides two (2) dedicated truck lanes and five (5) light vehicle lanes to significantly reduce accident risks. In tandem, the truck routes will provide free flow traffic movement for the transportation of commercial and industrial goods from and to key hubs across the country.

Al Majd Road provides efficient traffic movement, which will be a key contributing factor to reducing travel time up to 50% compared to the required time for the same trip via other existing roads.

Al Majd Road serves approximately 30 residential areas
Al Majd Road serves a significant number of residential areas, such as Mesaieed, Al Wakra, Al Wukair, south of Doha including Ain Khalid, Umm Al Seneem. Also, Al Waab, Al Aziziya, Al Murra, Abu Nakhla, Mekaines, Muaither, Al Sailiya, Al Mearad.

It facilitates access to Al Wajba, Al Rayyan, Al Shahaniyah, Dukhan, Al Kheesa, Umm Slal Mohammed, Umm Slal Ali areas, all the way to Lusail and the Pearl. Moreover, it connects to areas in the north such as Al Khor, and Rass Laffan.

Al Majd Road serves many economic and tourist facilities
Al Majd Road enhances traffic flow towards many economic facilities, such as Hamad Port, Hamad International Airport, the Industrial Area, Logistic Area, such as Manateq and Logistics Village.

Furthermore, it facilitates access to popular malls and markets, such as Mall of Qatar and Wholesale Market. It connects to recreational and tourist destinations such as the Pearl, Katara, Al Rufaa and Al Daayen Celebration Hall Complex and several beaches such as Sealine, Al Wakra, Al Khor and Simaisma.

Al Majd Road serves 2022 FIFA World Cup
The opening of Al Majd Road contributes to the completion of 2022 FIFA World Cup infrastructure on time.

It also:
  • Provides direct access to several stadiums including Al Rayyan stadium, Al Khor stadium and Lusail stadium.
  • Facilitates access to Al Wakra stadium, Al Thumama stadium and Ras Abu Abboud Stadium as well as Qatar Foundation Stadium; Khalifa Stadium and other sports facilities and training grounds.
Al Majd Road is connected to Qatar’s Main Arterial Roads
Connected to the G Ring Road and Al Wukair Road
Al Majd Road is connected to G Ring Road via Bu Al Yawabi Interchange. Both roads are regarded as key arterial roads seeing as their openings have had a significant impact to the traffic movement within Qatar. In addition, Al Majd Road is connected to Al Wukair Road which passes through Al Wakra and Al Wukair at Bu Jood Interchange.
This connection creates smooth traffic movement to and from the south of the state towards Hamad International Airport. Furthermore, it eases the journey to and from Mesaieed towards the Industrial Area, Hamad International Airport or Doha.
As for the residential areas, the residents of Al Wakra, Al Wukair, or Doha South can use the G Ring Road to easily reach Al Majd Road towards Al Khor, Lusail to the North, and Dukhan to the West.

Connected to Salwa Road

Al Majd Road is connected to Salwa Road, at Mesaieed Interchange. Road users coming from areas adjacent to Salwa Road such as the Industrial Area or residential areas such as Ain Khaled, Umm Al Seneem, Al Murra etc., can use Al Majd Road to travel southbound towards Mesaieed, northbound towards Al Khor, or westbound towards Dukhan.

Connected to Al Waab Street/ Al Sailiya Road

Al Majd Road intersects with Al Sailiya Road at Al Mearad interchange, facilitating traffic for areas such as Al Waab, Muaither, Al Sailiya and Al Mearad.

Connected to Dukhan Road
To the north of where it intersects with Dukhan Road, Al Majd Road is divided into two main axes, one towards Lusail intersecting with Dukhan Road at Umm Al Juwashin Interchange; the other towards Al Khor intersecting with Dukhan Road at Umm Al Afaei Interchange.

Connected to Al Rufaa Street and Al Shamal Road

Al Majd Road intersects with Al Rufaa Street at Al Themaid Interchange and with Al Shamal Road at Al Mazrooah Interchange towards Lusail, serving the residents of Umm Slal, Al Kheesa, and Al Khuraitiyat.

In addition, Al Majd Road intersects with Al Shamal Road at Al Khor intersection on one side, and with Umm Esmaira Interchange on the other side, serving the residents of Al Khor and northern areas.

Connected to Al Khor Expressway

Al Majd Road intersects with Al Khor Expressway towards Lusail, which facilitates the access to and from the State’s eastern areas, Lusail City, the Pearl, Katara, West Bay, Qatar University, and the Community College of Qatar.
Completion of the Road Network in the Southern Area:
11 kilometers of the upgraded Mesaieed Road is open to traffic.
Mesaieed road is a link between Hamad Port and the Economic, Industrial and Logistic zones.

Mesaieed Road
The Public Works Authority “Ashghal” has opened the upgraded 11 kilometre long Mesaieed Road to traffic. Mesaieed Road has been converted from a two (2) to a four (4) lane in each direction highway, which now accommodates about 8,000 vehicles per hour in each direction.

Mesaieed Road acts as a major link between Al Wakra and Mesaieed City to connect many economic facilities such as Hamad Port, Mesaieed Industrial Zone. It also connects to number of important routes such as Al Wakra Road, Al Wakra Bypass Road (The Southern part of Doha Expressway), Hamad Port Road and Al Majd Road.

Major Interchanges

Mesaieed Road includes two three-level interchanges providing free traffic flow in all directions. The first interchange is Umm Al Houl, it connects Hamad Port and the northern entrance of Hamad Port via Mesaieed providing a safe access for trucks heading to the industrial area away from the residential areas, such as Al Wakra, Al-Wukair and Mesaieed.

Hamad Port Interchange is the second of the two and it connects Al Majd Road to Mesaieed Road and Hamad Port Road. It  facilitates smooth traffic movements to road users heading from the southern areas of the country to the western areas such as Al Shahaniya, Dukhan and northern areas such as Al Khor and areas that lie to the east such as Lusail. 
Vital Facilities
Economic Institutions:
In addition to Hamad Port, Mesaieed road serves the Qatar Petroleum (QP) Industrial City, Umm Al-Houl Free Zone and other areas such as the Logistics village, the Industrial Area and Mesaieed Industrial Area.

Residential Areas:
Mesaieed Road is a major link in the southern area, enabling traffic flow coming from Doha via Al Wakra Road and through the Southern part of the Doha Expressway towards Mesaieed.  It allows efficient access to Al Wakra, Al Wukair, Al Mashaf, Al Kharrara, Al Afja among other residential areas.

Mesaieed Road continues to serve the Sealine area and the Al Ena project. The new upgrade has not only increased vehicle capacity but its features have placed it among one of the safest in the area.   Coupled with other roads constructed by Ashghal such as Al Majd Road, G- Ring Road, Hamad Port Road and The Southern Part of the Doha Expressway Highway, campers to the Sealine area can enjoy free flow and pleasant journeys.

Al Wakra Stadium:
Used with the Southern Part of the Doha Express Highway, Mesaieed Road provides easy access to 2022 FIFA World Cup Al Wakra Stadium.

Hamad Port Road
Hamad Port Road extends for 14 kilometers connecting Hamad Port with G Ring Road. It has three (3) interchanges and a main carriageway with four (4) lanes in each direction that accommodate 8,000 vehicle per hour in each direction. Based on previous and current travel time comparisons, use of Hamad Port Road reduces journey times by up to 15%. Hamad Port Road facilitates the movement of trucks to and from the port towards the Industrial Area, hence enabling the swift and efficient transfer of goods from Hamad Port to other areas in the country.

It extends  from Umm Al Houl Interchange on Mesaieed Road to  G Ring Road, which connects with East Industrial Area through the tunnel at  Street 33 Interchange East, (previously known as Al Watan Roundabout) to create a free flow route between Hamad Port, Hamad International Airport and Salwa Road.

Once completed, the interchanges on Hamad Port Road will link the new expressway road to surrounding local areas and other expressway roads in close proximity.

Al Wukair Road
Al Wukair Road is an important component of the project.  The 13 kilometre stretch was significantly upgraded to provide dual four (4) lanes capable of accommodating 8,000 vehicles per hour in each direction as opposed to the previous configuration of one (1) lane in each direction. The road consists of several multi-level interchanges providing free flow traffic in all directions.

Al Wukair Road connects the Industrial Area and Al Wukair to Al Kharrara and Al Majd Road, intercepting Hamad Port Road.

Facts and figures

The four new roads took 4 years and approximately 89 million working hours to construct. More than 7 million tonnes of asphalt, around 1,300,000 cubic meters of concrete and more than 200,000 tonnes of reinforcement steel were used. Around 1,200 kilometres of guardrails and 10,000 light poles were installed along the road for greater safety.


All roads encompassed within the project have been extensively fitted with utilities including electricity and potable water lines, various communication systems, TSE (Treatment Sewage Effluent) lines and drainage networks to serve future residential and industrial areas.

Testimonials from road users of the four new roads:
“I live in Al Wukair and I can say that we can sense the great positive change in the road network. I recently used Al Wukair Road 1 to Al Kharrara and found that the new layout reduced the travel time and shortened the distance. I can also say that the road safety has greatly improved.
(Sheikh Abdul Rahman Bin Jassim Al Thani)

“I work for Qatar Petroleum and I use Hamad Port Road on a daily basis to reach our farm. I would like to thank the Public Works Authority for the newly constructed road which provides 4 lanes in each direction and a safer and a faster route.”

(Mr. Salem Al- Marri)

‘’I am a resident of Al Khor City and my main hobby is camping at Sealine and driving on Mesaieed sand dunes especially in the winter.
I have been driving Al Majd Road since the beginning of this camping season and it has saved me a lot of time – reaching Mesaieed now takes me about 50 minutes; this was impossible with the old highways! I am very proud of what Ashghal has done in short time and excited about the official inauguration.’’
(Saad Al Muhannadi)

“I live in Al Wakra and regularly travel to Al Khararra. Since the opening of the four new roads, I can now use  G Ring Road and travel through free flow main carriageways to reach Al Kharrara without without any congestion. My travel time has significantly reduced from 45 to 25 minutes.

The road also offers a safer route with wider lane capacity were two of lanes are dedicated to trucks.”
(Mohamed Magdy)

“I live in Duhail and regularly travel to Al Khararra. The opening of the four new roads has provided me with three additional travel alternatives for my daily trip.

It is great that each one provides free flow connectivity and there is a vast improvement in travel time; my journey takes 35 minutes instead of 50 minutes prior to the openings. The road is well lit and provide a safer driving experience.
(Wessam Rashad)

New Interchanges
Al Majd Road and Truck Route includes 21 grade-separated interchanges, detailed as follows:

Bu Ghurban Interchange – Exit 13

Includes four (4) main Bridges, four (4) loops and one ramp bridge. It provides connectivity between Al Wukair, Al Kharrara, and Hamad Port Road leading to Mesaieed Road, G Ring Road and the Industrial area.

Al Rakb Interchange – Exit 8
A dumbbell shaped interchange with two (2) main bridges and two (2) roundabouts. It will be a future connector to Hamad Port Road and Wukair Road II, leading to Al Majd Road.

Umm Al Houl Interchange – Exit 13 from Mesaieed Road and exit 3 from Hamad Port Road
It consists of four (4) main bridges, four (4) loops and one (1) ramp bridge.
It connects two (2) main roads, Mesaieed Road and Hamad Port Road. This interchange links directly to Umm Al Houl Free Zone, Al Wakra, The Southern part of the Doha Express Highway G Ring Road and Industrial Area.

Hamad Port Interchange – Exit 9
An interchange with four (4) main bridges, four (4) loops and one (1) ramp bridge. It connects the upgraded Mesaieed Road to Al Majd Road and directly leads to the main entrance of Hamad Port and Qatar Petroleum Mesaieed Industrial City (QPMIC).

Al Mazrooah Interchange – Exit 72 from Al Majd Road and exit 61 from Al Shamal Road
An interchange with four (4) main bridges and four (4) loops. It connects Al Majd Road to Al Shamal Road in both directions, northbound and southbound. The eastern limit of Al Majd Road leads to Al Khor Expressway, connecting to Lusail and to Rawdat Al Hamama area.

Jery Al Samur Interchange – Exit 68
This interchange consists of one (1) main bridge and two (2) roundabouts. On the east, it leads to Bu Fusailia and Gharrafat Al Rayyan area. On the west, it leads to Al Majd Road heading towards Al Khor and to the local road leading to the Doha North Sewage Treatment Plant (DNSTP).
The interchange connects Al Majd Road users to Umm Slal Mohammed Area and Al Mazrooah Market.

Al Themaid Interchange – Exit 60
Two (2) separated ramp Bridges connecting Al Majd Road and Al Rufaa Street in both directions, towards Al Rufaa and Al Shamal road in the east, and towards Dukhan and Salwa Road in the west.

Jery Al Dabi Interchange – Exit 57

The only signalised interchange on the Al Majd Road and Truck Route project. It connects Al Majd Road to Al Rayyan Stadium and Mall of Qatar to the east and Qatar Rail Depot to the west.

Umm Al Juwashin Interchange – Exit 55 from al Majd road and exit 21 from Dukhan Road
An interchange with four (4) main bridges and four (4) loops. It connects Al Majd Road to Dukhan Road in both directions. Some of the important nearby landmarks include the Mall of Qatar and the Amiri Guard Headquarters.

Umm Al Afaei Interchange – Exit 4 from Al Majd Road and exit 22 from Dukhan Road
Umm Al Afaei Interchange connects Al Majd Road to Dukhan Road in both directions and provides free flowing traffic movement to and from Al Khor, Salwa Road, Doha and Dukhan.

Junction 5 (tunnel) – Exit 52 towards the north and exit 1 towards the south
The tunnel is the point where the truck lanes split from Al Majd Road main carriageway. Traffic travelling through the tunnel will head to Umm Al Afaei Interchange and from there northbound towards Al Khor. Traffic travelling above the tunnel will head to Umm Al Juwashin intersection with Dukhan Road and further to the northeast towards Al Shamal Road and Lusail.

Al Mearad Interchange – Exit 39
This interchange connects Al Majd Road to Al Sailiya Road in all directions, providing free flow movement of traffic to and from Salwa Road, the south and northern areas of the country as well as to and from Dukhan Road. It provides an important tie-in to Al Sailiya and West Industrial Area. In addition, it filters trucks travelling north and southbound to and from the industrial area to their designated lanes. Construction works at Al Mearad Interchange are scheduled to complete in 30 April 2019.

Mesaieed Interchange – Exit 36 from Al Majd Road and exit 26 from Salwa Road
A major interchange with six (6) main bridges, four (4) loops and two (2) ramp bridges. It connects Majd Road to Salwa Road, while providing full free flow connectivity to Doha, Bu Samra, Mesaieed and Dukhan Road.

Bu Al Yawabi Interchange – Exit 27
Includes two (2) separated ramp bridges connecting two (2) major expressway highways – Al Majd Road and G Ring Road. Providing free flowing traffic movement in all directions.

Bu Jood Interchange – Exit 20
An interchange with four (4) main bridges, four (4) loops and two ramp bridges. This interchange connects Al Majd Road with Wukair Road to the east leading to Al Wukair, Hamad Port Road, G-Ring Road and the Industrial area, and to the west with Al Kharrara.

Birkat Al Awamer Interchange – Exit 15
An interchange with two (2) main bridges. This interchange connects Al Majd Road to Wukair Road II leading to Hamad Port Road.

Khuwaiteem Interchange – Exit 10 from Al Majd Road Q2
Khuwaiteem is the southernmost interchange of the Al Majd Road and Truck Route project. It has four (4) main bridges and four (4) loops connecting Al Majd Road to southern areas such as Mesaieed, Al Afja area, Sealine,  Salwa Road to the north, and to the east, Hamad Port and Mesaieed Road.

Umm Shahrain Interchange – Exit 10 from Al Majd Road Q4
An interchange with one (1) main bridge and two (2) roundabouts. It connects Al Majd Road to Umm Shahrain Road and provides access to Umm Shahrain and Umm Leghab areas. It also connects to Al Majd Road section between Al Shamal Road and Dukhan Road.

Rawdat Al Ghargat Interchange – Exit 20 from Al Majd Road Q4
An interchange with one (1) main bridge and two (2) roundabouts. It connects Al Majd Road to Al Gharrafa Road and provides an east-west access between Umm Slal, Aletourriya and Al Shahhaniya areas.

Megareen Bakheela Interchange – Exit 35 from al Majd Road Q4
A multi-level interchange with four (4) main bridges, four loops and one ramp bridge. It connects Al Majd Road to Al Mazrooah Road and Al Khor Interchange. Megareen Bakheela Interchange interchange provides direct and fully upgraded access to the farms in the northern areas such as Bu Thaila and Rasheeda.

Umm Esmaira Interchange – Exit 39 from Al Majd Road Q4 and exit 82 from Al Shamal Road
This interchange consists of four (4) main bridges and one (1) loop. It connects Al Majd Road to Al Shamal Road towards Al Ruwais, Al Khor and Rass Laffan. This interchange provides direct access for traffic coming from southern areas via Al Majd Road towards all northern cities; it also provides direct free flowing access to the south bypassing Al Shamal Road.
This interchange leads traffic directly to Al Uqda Equestrian Complex and Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor.

The Road Network in the Southern Areas of Qatar: 
The road network serving southern areas of Qatar has been immensely transformed which has led to a quantum leap in traffic improvement. Whether for individuals travelling to and from Hamad International Airport or for various companies transporting materials and commodities through Hamad Port it has been instrumental in overcoming the effects of the prejudiced blockade on the State of Qatar. 
At present, it is estimated that the new and upgraded roads attract over 2,500 vehicles a day coming from the port heading to Doha, the Industrial Area and other key trade hubs in the country.

While Al Wakra Road was previously the main access to Al Wakra, Al Wukair and Mesaieed, the Public Works Authority have now constructed three alternative roads parallel to Al Wakra Road namely, The Southern part of Doha Express Highway, Hamad Port Road and Al Majd Road.

Furthermore, the Public Works Authority connected the four (4) new roads with  G Ring Road and Al Wukair Road.

The Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ recently commenced construction of the upgrade of Al Wakra Main Road and the first two phases which comprised a new underpass and 3.5 kilometres of main carriageway opened for public use in December 2018.