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Press Release from the Public Works Authority


An accident happened this afternoon on the project site of the Simulation Centre building, which is part of the Hamad Bin Khalifa Medical City. The accident was caused by the collapse of a side of an excavation location and the fall of an amount of excavation soil inside it, which caused the death of one worker on excavation site, while two other workers were rescued on site and taken to Hamad Hospital to receive treatment.

Civil Defence, Al Fazaa Police and ambulance services were informed immediately and they headed directly to the accident site along with Ashghal officials and the project consultant, while the Ministry of Interior is currently investigating the accident.

Ashghal is extremely sorry for this tragic accident, and it took immediate action when the accident happened as it stopped work on project site and started an extensive investigation from Ashghal’s side to know the reasons and identify the responsible parties and hold them accountable in case there was any failure from their side.

All safety procedures implemented on site by the project contractor and the project consultant will be reviewed, and Ashghal will take any necessary actions in this regards. 
We will provide you with additional information about the accident as soon as it is available.