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Ashghal > Home > Media Hub > Press Releases The Public Works Authority Ashghal Inaugurates the Galleries of Beaches In cooperation with the Ministry of Municipality and Seashore Group

Ashghal Inaugurates the Galleries of Beaches in cooperation with the Ministry of Municipality and Seashore Group


Inauguration of several Galleries of Beaches


The Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ has inaugurated several Galleries of Beaches, in cooperation with the Ministry of Municipality and sponsored by Seashore Group.

On this occasion, Eng. Sara Kafood, Design Advisor at ‘Ashghal’ said: “The galleries that we have unveiled today highlight our full commitment and responsibility towards environment and remind beach visitors about the importance of preserving it. Through its projects comprising green spaces, trees coexisting with the local environment, and the implementation of pedestrian and cycling paths, the The Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ has succeeded in contributing to achieving balance between human beings and the environment, in line with Qatar National Vision 2030.”

From his part, Mr. Hamad Jumaa Al-Mannai – Director of Al Shamal Municipality said: “The development of beaches in cooperation with The Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ aims to increase the service and recreational facilities that contribute to promoting the welfare of the community members, and we are delighted to add an artistic touch to these beaches, by a number of local and resident artists.”

Mr. Rashid Mashlash Al Khayarin, Director of Al Daayen Municipality said: “The beaches are witnessing many visitors, especially due to the holidays season. Therefore, adding artwork during this time will contribute to enriching the experience of the citizens as well as visitors who consider these beaches as a recreational outlet.”

Eng. Abdulla Ibrahim Al-Sada – General Director of the Municipalities of Al Khor and Al Thakhira expressed his happiness towards the artworks that beautified the beaches and added an aesthetic and artistic value to them, calling for all beach visitors to visit and enjoy them, while keeping them clean.”

Eng. Mohammed Hassan Al-Nuaimi, General Director of Al Wakra Municipality said: “We are delighted that a number of artworks are inaugurated in several beaches that we have developed in cooperation with The Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’, to contribute together in raising environmental awareness whether through artwork galleries, or different events, as environment protection is a responsibility of all entities that is achieved by the cooperation of community members. 

Mr. Salem bin Saeed Al-Mohannadi, Seashore Group CEO stated: “We are proud to promote for sustainability through the artworks that are overseen by The Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’, which highlight the beauty of the local environment, expressing the appreciation of Seashore Group for working with the society’s institutions to preserve the natural environment of the country. In turn, Seashore Group pays great attention to public art and is keen to provide the necessary support for artists.”

Whereas Hessa Al-Kaabi, Design Engineer at ‘Ashghal’ said: “The artworks and photography provided by a group of local and resident artists and professional photographers contribute to adding an exceptional art imprint on beaches, especially since the units used to display the artworks were made from recycled materials. In addition to the renovation of old wooden boats to turn them into aesthetic art pieces that add a unique splendor. Most artworks presented highlight the local environment, whereas other artworks reflect Qatar’s cultural and heritage monuments, and the rest reflect local and international sport events.

Mariam Al-Mannai, Design Engineer at ‘Ashghal’ stated: “The beaches that have been developed by the Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ in cooperation with the Ministry of Municipality have provided a creative environment for the artists, enabling them to present a number of artworks that are able to create an enriched art experience for the beach visitors, as well as highlight the talents of the local and resident artists, in addition to their role in promoting social environmental values.”  

Professional photographer Azzam Al-Mannai has presented photos on Sealine Beach that capture several birds and some marine and terrestrial organisms from the local environment. He highlighted the beauty of our environment in a way that calls for preserving and caring for it. Meanwhile, photographer and environmental researcher Hamad Al-Khulaifi presented art photographs at Wakra Main Beach, documenting different species of migratory birds that chose our environment to live in, ultimately adding a beautiful biodiversity to the area, in addition to shedding light on local birds that must be protected. In the same beach, resident artist Bindu George presented paintings of endangered animals on several continents, reminding society of the importance of preserving them and protecting them from extinction.

Photographer Hassan Al-Jaber and artist Moudi Al-Hajri also presented several art paintings and photographs on Semaisma Beach that capture the memories of the people of Qatar, and our ancient heritage, associated with the marine environment highlighting the ancient human-environment interaction and the utilization of its resources without damaging them, serving as a call for future generations to harmonize with the surrounding environment, interact with it and preserve it. Whereas professional photographers Abdullah Al-Tamimi and Khalid Al-Zaman presented a unique collection of art photographs of archaeological and tourist places in the country on Al-Farkiya beach, highlighting the beauty of cities when the urban character merges with the ecosystem, and at Wakra Beach, photographer Nasser Al-Emadi presented art photos of wooden boats that capture Qatar's marine legacy, as well as photos that capture the past and bring it to the present. In addition to highlighting the aesthetics of the high-rise towers of Dafna that overlook the sea, which reflect our connection to the marine environment over time. As for the artwork in Al-Ghariah Beach, photographer Jassim Ahmed Al-Buainain and photographer Asma Al-Abdullah have participated with several art photos representing different football scenes and matches to highlight global sport events.

In turn, artist Leena Al-Aali presented a distinguished artwork of an old wooden boat that she revived by drawing a girl, reflecting the association of the Qatari gulf woman with the sea, as she had previously presented interactive artworks on several beaches of Qatar that represent family, sea, and heritage.