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Reclamation and Rehabilitation Project in Al Karaana Lagoon

Brief description

​The Reclamation and Rehabilitation project in Al Karaana Lagoon aimed at removing pollutants and minimising health risks to the environment surrounding Al Karaana lagoons, which had been used for more than ten years in dumbing industrial effluents. The project also aims to protect and enhance the Qatari environment by rehabilitating the area and transforming it from an unfavorable habitat into a wildlife habitat with diverse species of birds and fish. It also provides a green rest stop with clean water for migratory birds flocking over the country.

  • Draining the old lagoons and treating the contaminated soil at their bottom, and re-establishing the natural area and ensuring the protection of the environment
  • Construction of three artificial lagoons designed to store about 2.4 million cubic metres of treated sewage effluent coming from Al Karaana treatment plant
  • With clean water and green areas around them, the artificial lagoons form a new healthy habitat for wildlife, and they now include various types of birds, swans, fish, frogs and others
  • Construction of two temporary evaporation ponds for industrial effluent, which are protected with a strong insulating layer that prevents leakage of contaminated water into the groundwater, with oil separation units.
Project Information
Geographical Location N/A
Area N/A
Sector Drainage Projects
Total Cost 448,998,705 Q.R.
Status Complete
Type Drainage
Start Date 12 December 2017
Expected completion date Fourth quarter of 2019
Construction company

“Suez” French company

Consulting company

“EGS” company