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Commencement of Package 3 of Doha Central Development and Beautification Projects

Brief description

​Doha Central Development and Beautification Projects aims to make Doha City Centre ‘A Destination of Choice’. A city, meet the needs of its people and visitors, and create memorable experiences by linking people to places and destinations through a convenient, safe and accessible public realm where Central Doha’s landmarks become points of destination that help users create their own mental map of their surrounding environment. This is through providing pedestrian-friendly transportation including footpaths and crossings to encourage visitors using various modes of transportation, and to promote walking by connecting all lively centers in the area. Implementing the complete vision of development of the area will contribute in enhancing the identity of Qatar's historical and cultural legacy, and recognizing the natural environment of Qatar.

​Package 3 Project aims to develop the areas areas around Grand Hamad Street, through developing and beautifying main streets and internal neighborhoods in these areas, in addition to the infrastructure development works.

The Project Includes:

  • 10.2km of surface water drainage network
  • 11.2 km of foul sewer drainage network
  • 4.7 km of electricity network
  • Installing 515 decorative lightening poles
  • Planting about 3250 trees and about 30,000 square meters of green areas
  • Construction of 35.3 km long pedestrian and cycling paths
  • All the main streets will be covered with granite to give a unique feature for this area, so that in the future it will be possible to completely close of the street for vehicles and opening it only for pedestrians during celebrations and special occasions
Project Information
Geographical Location N/A
Area Multiple Areas
Sector Doha Central
Total Cost 565,726,279 Q.R.
Status In progress
Type Beautification Committee
Start Date N/A
Expected completion date Third quarter of 2024
Construction company

​Boom Construction Company

Consulting company

Parsons Inernational​