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Roads and Infrastructure Project in West Semaisma, Package 1

Brief description

​The Project aims to develop internal streets in the area and improve local traffic safety as well as upgrade infrastructure facilities to respond to residents needs and urban growth in the future.

The project is located east of Al Khor Road in Semaisma area, and is bordered by Semaisma West Street to the East and by Semaisma Road to the South. Upgrading works are being divided into three geographical zones which will be carried out successively, and the duration of each phase will be one year.

The project serves 539 residential plots in West of Semaisma through the provision of upgraded infrastructure services and enhanced local streets to improve the traffic flow and provide connectivity to future public facilities that will be established in the area, such as schools, mosques, commercial complexes, and youth centers.


​The project’s scope of works involves developing a road network with a total length of 20.5 km equipped with road safety features and street lighting as well as road signs and marks. The project also features a 14.5-km-pedestrian and cycle track.

Furthermore, the project scope includes a 19-km-long foul sewer network, 36 km of surface and groundwater drainage network, and 7 km of Treated Sewerage Effluent (TSE) network. In addition, new sewage pipelines will be provided and connected with Qatar’s main sewage network. Construction works will also include an emergency flood area with a total capacity of 263,000 m3 to provide proper protection for the entire area against flooding and excess rainfall.

Project Information
Geographical Location N/A
Area Simaisma
Sector Infrastructure Projects
Total Cost 304,854,000 Q.R.
Status In progress
Type Drainage
Start Date 30 May 2020
Expected completion date Third quarter of 2023
Construction company

​Iris Construction Company

Consulting company

​CEG International