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Al Qubib Masjid Plaza Construction Project

Brief description

​Al Qubib Masjid Plaza project is within the works of third package of development and beautification projects in Central Doha.

The design of the plaza is inspired by the elements of Qatari heritage, due to the plaza’s location near Al Qubib Masjid at Souq Waqif and the old markets in the area such as Deira Souk, Al Jabr Souk and others.

Al Qubib Masjid is one of the oldest mosques in the region, and the plaza aims to revive the idea of the Masjid’s classical courtyard, where people would meet after prayer and talk about their daily lives, which encourages communication between individuals in the area, spending a goodtime in the premises of healthy environment.

​The plaza has entrances from three sides through the surrounding pedestrian paths on Ali Bin Abdulla Street, Al Jabr Street and Al Ahmad Street. It is also easily accessible from the Masjid side.


​Al Qubib Masjid Plaza is to be implemented on a total area of about 9,200 square meters, and it includes open green areas extending over an area of up to 1,518 square meters, including seating area. The project works also include the construction of walkways within the park, in addition to decorative lightings.

The project works include implementation of infrastructure works including construction of drainage networks, irrigation system, electricity, and others.

Visitors to Al Qubib Masjid Square can reach there using different means of transportation including Doha Metro (at Souq Waqif Station), or use bicycles where bicycle parking is provided, or walk to the plaza through corridors and pedestrian crossings provided in the area, while car users can drive thru and park in the designated parking area.

Project Information
Geographical Location N/A
Area Al Souq
Sector Doha Central
Status Complete
Type Beautification Committee
Start Date 01 July 2021
Expected completion date First quarter of 2022
Construction company

​Boom Construction Company 

Consulting company

Parsons International