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Ashghal Certification Programme
Ashghal certification programme is planned to ensure that only qualified and registered professionals such as architects, engineers and contractors take part in Ashghal projects. Personnel management becomes a strategic area where the management of competency aligned with the objectives of the business as well as its vision and mission.
Developing staff capabilities to support the future service delivery is one of the main four Themes that used to achieve Ashghal strategic objectives of the period 2018-2022. The implementation of a competency framework, personnel should be seen as the main source an added value.

What is Certification ?
Certification is generally defined as the procedure by which an authoritative organization gives formal recognition that a body or person is competent to carry out specific tasks. Competency Certificate is a qualification which provides you with extensive knowledge in your chosen technical career path. Technical Certificates are issued to learners who have completed a specialized training course that is related to specific vocational skills.

Obtaining a certificate of competency
The applicant must pass an examination, and be assessed on qualifications, experience and character by the certification body Examiners, before a decision is made on the issue of a certificate of competency.