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Roads and Infrastructure in Ain Khaled (Zone 56) – Package 2
Tender Number
Tender Type
Tender Participants
Tender Status
Tender Bond
14,000,000 Q.R.
Tender Category
Issuing Date
12 July 2021
Closing Date
02 November 2021
Document Fees
100,000 Q.R.
Tender Details:
Roads and Infrastructure in Ain Khaled (Zone 56) – Package 2 Project ID: PA 2021 C 027 G 1. Ministry of Finance (MoF) Classification • Category: Contractors. • Activities: Roads Specialization; Grade: Premium or 1 or 2 or 3; or • Activities: Sanitation; Grade: Premium or 1 or 2; or • Company: Local or Foreign 2. Foreign Company’s Classification or Equivalent, which they have obtained in their Own Country, should meet Qatar’s MoF Classification Requirements. 3. Grade 3 Contractor must Form a JV with Roads Specialization Classified Premium or Grade 1 or Grade 2 Contractor ONLY or Foreign in item 2 above. 4. Premium and Grade 1 Sanitation Classified Contractor should propose a Sub-Contractor with Road Classification Contractor in item 3 above. 5. Grade 2 Sanitation Contractor must form a JV with Roads Specialization Classified Premium or Grade 1 or Grade 2 Contractor ONLY. Note: Non-compliant to the Eligibility to Participate may subject to disqualification.
Document Fees
100,000 Q.R.
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