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Prequalification for Design-Build and Operate-Maintain Contract for Integrated Industrial Wastewater Treatment Works
Issuing Date
06 September 2015
Closing Date
08 October 2015

  • The Public Works Authority in the State of Qatar seek to prequalify competent and eligible Contractors with relevant capabilities and experiences for the procurement of DESIGN, BUILD, OPERATE & MAINTAIN (DBO&M) contracting services for proposed INTEGRATED INDUSTRIAL WASTEWATER TREATMENT WORKS (IIWWTW) in Doha, Qatar.  The prospective Contractors/Joint Ventures (JV) who express interest participating in the bidding process are hereby invited to submit their prequalification documents in accordance with the requirements prescribed below.  Tenders for the contracting services will be based on a closed tendering process, and will be invited only from the select list of successfully prequalified Contractors/Joint Ventures (JV).
    Project ID:  IA 14/15 C 133 G
    Project Ref.: Application for Contractor Prequalification, Civil Project C798
    Project Name: Design, Build, Operate & Maintain (DBO&M) contracting services for the proposed Integrated Industrial Wastewater Treatment Works (IIWWTW)


    The proposed Integrated Industrial Water Treatment Works (IIWWTW) is to be constructed approximately 2 km Southwest of Doha Industrial Area adjacent to the existing Industrial Area Sewerage Treatment Works (IASTW).  Public Works Authority (PWA) is mandated to complete the first Phase of IIWWTW (known as IIWWTW, PHASE I) by the end of year 2016 to provide 10,000m3/d treatment capacity of industrial wastewater/ trade effluent.  At the completion of IIWWTW PHASE I, the plant will provide a fully integrated solution for treating industrial wastewaters arising from light to medium categories of industrial and trade establishments located in Qatar, in conjunction with the disposal of treated sewage effluent (TSE) emanating from existing IASTW.  The proposed IIWWTW PHASE I will handle industrial wastewater tankers up to a capacity of 10,000m3/d.  These wastewaters will contain pollutant levels typically exceeding municipal discharge limits that control trade effluent disposal to public sewer network.  The design of the proposed IIWWTW will be based upon a fully-integrated solution with multi-stream treatment processes.  This concept will also allow seamless additions to the Works through its modularized design so that the plant can be expanded in future (PHASE II, PHASE III, etc.) beyond its currently proposed capacity of 10,000m3/d, when required.


    Prequalification Documents (PQD) can be downloaded by accessing PWA website www.ashghal.gov.qa
    During the bidding period, the Applicants shall visit the above Public Works Authority website frequently for updates, tender circulars and/ or addenda, if any.


    The closing date for submitting the Prequalification Application in accordance with the requirements set out in the Instruction to Applicants shall be no later than (Thursday, 08/10/ 2015  at 1:00 pm (local Doha time, GMT +2:00).  Applicant’s attention is drawn to the requirement that three hard copies (Original and two Copies) and a soft copy on a Compact Disk (CD) must be included as part of the submission.  Applications must be in the format as specified in the prequalification documents and be submitted to:

    Contracts Department Manager
    The Public Works Authority (Ashghal)
    Al-Faisal Tower 1, Ground Floor,
    P.O. Box 22188, Doha - State of Qatar
    All enquiries are to be directed to :
    The Manager of Contracts Department
    Email: contracts@ashghal.gov.qa
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Manager of Contracts Dept.
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