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Prequalification for consultancy services for musaimeer pumping station and outfall
Issuing Date
18 October 2015
Closing Date
01 December 2015

    The Public Works Authority of the State of Qatar (ASHGHAL) wishes to select a short-list of competent Consultant Engineering Companies for invitation to tender for a contract to oversee the Design, Construct and Operate and Maintain Musaimeer Pumping Station and Outfall. The Authority is seeking proposals from Applicants (where Applicants can be individual firms, consortia and joint ventures) to demonstrate the capability, experience and understanding that is required to perform these tasks.
    Project ID: IA 14/15 S 005 G
    Project Ref.: Application for Prequalification, Civil Project C671/2
    Project Name: Prequalification for Post-Contract Professional Consultancy Services for Project CP 671/2 Musaimeer Pumping Station and Outfall.


    The Consultant Engineer shall provide Management & Supervision services for the Design and Construction of Musaimeer Pumping Station and Outfall, together with operation and maintenance of the facilities for an initial period.
    The pumping station will be located approximately 1km south of Hamad International Airport and will provide surface water and ground water drainage for southern Doha. It is required to discharge a continuous ground water flow of approximately 2m3/s, increasing up to 20m3/s when surface water flows are present. The pumping station will discharge to the sea via marine pipelines which are expected to extend to approximately 10 km from the coastline. The scope of works includes the proposed pumping station and the proposed marine outfall.
    The Management and Supervision of the Design and Construction is required to be completed within a period of 4 years. The contract will also include initial operation and maintenance of the new pumping station and outfall for a further 3 years.


    The pre-qualification documents can be obtained without charge by accessing the website:
    Main page for the link ( Tender and Auctions – Prequalification) to download the PQ document . Applicants should visit the PWA website frequently during the submission period for possible further updates.


    Interested eligible firms should return the completed Pre-qualification documents to the following address not later than 1:00 pm (local Doha time, GMT +3.00) on or before Tuesday 17/11/2015,
    Two hard copies and two softcopies (CD) in PDF format of the Prequalification Application should be submitted to:
    Contracts Department Manager
    The Public Works Authority (Ashghal)
    Al-Faisal Tower 1, Ground Floor,
    P.O. Box 22188,
    Doha - Qatar All
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Manager of Contracts dept.
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