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Tender Number
Tender Type
Tender Participants
Consultants ,
Tender Status
Tender Bond
500,000 Q.R.
Tender Category
Issuing Date
12 March 2014
Closing Date
29 April 2014
Document Fees
1,000 Q.R.
Tender Details:
The consultant is required to provide full Post-Contract Professional Consultancy Services for General Supervision, Site Supervision and Quantity Surveying in accordance with Professional Service Agreement General Conditions of Engagement 2010, Revision A.
The Site Supervision Services to be carried out by the Consultant shall include but are not necessarily be limited to:
a) Monitoring / Inspection of work.
b) Ensuring the Health & Safety requirement is being carried out in compliance with the Contract and the PWA safety requirements. Safety reports shall be submitted on weekly bases according to the format required by PWA.
c) Ensuring the Works is being carried out in compliance with the Contract requirements.
d) Verify the quality of material at site. 
e) Check and approve work, in compliance with the specifications.
f) Prepare list of outstanding works. 
g) Issue non-conformance notices, and ensure that prompt close out of non – conformance is managed.. 
h) Review, co-ordinate and recommend contractor’s technical transmittals.
i) Process and reply to technical queries. 
j) Review and co-ordinate design documents.
k) Review and study changes to the original design proposed by Contractor and reproduce reports and drawings if required.
l) Attend progress and technical meetings with PWA, contractors and engineers. Carry out any duty as delegated by the Project Manager etc. Provide and distribute Minutes of Meetings (MOM).
m) Examine and report on the Contractors proposed methods and programme.
n) Inspect materials, manufactured goods, equipment and site work as necessary to ensure that the whole works are being carried out in accordance with the Contract Documents and advise the Engineer and the Contractor if they are not satisfactory.
o) Develop, with the contractor, the Inspection and Test Plan (ITP), and clearly identify and schedule the Witness and Hold points for inspection.
p) Witness the checking of surveying instruments and the calibration of equipment, including torque wrenches, pressure gauges and piling equipment.
q) Carry out tests on materials, manufactured goods, machinery, equipment and site work required by the Specifications, by good practice and by a Schedule of Tests to be provided by the Engineer and advise the Contractors regarding results.
r) Witness the driving of all piles and witness all pile tests and inspect all pile records.
s) Inspect and approve all excavations for foundations before concreting. Advice PWA of any significant geotechnical variations encountered.
t) Inspect all embedded work, including reinforcing steel and conduits, before it is covered up.
u) Check the principal survey points and the principal temporary bench marks on the site and the line and level of the Works from time to time.
v) Make arrangements for the commissioning of the electrical and mechanical installations, and for the witnessing of acceptance tests by all concerned parties and government departments.
w) Submit a Monthly Report or Reports at such frequency as the Engineer requires. The format and content of the reports shall be agreed with PWA during the setting up of the Management System for the project. The reports shall include, but not limited to statements regarding:-
1. Labour and supervision on site.
2. Plant and equipment on site.
3. Progress in relation to the Contractors original and current programmes.
4. Activities started during month.
5. Activities completed during the month.
6. Major deliveries to site.
7. Changes, delay and difficulties
8. Any discrepancies between the Works and the requirements of the Contract Documents.
9. Recommendations regarding interim payments
10. A tabulation of claims submitted by the Contractor, and identification of the risk of further claims
11. An assessment of the anticipated final cost of the works, excluding professional fees
x) Advise the Engineer in the event of any persistent failure by the Contractors to comply with the Contract Documents and in the event of an unsatisfactory rate of progress.
Document Fees
1,000 Q.R.
Contact Details
Engineering Services Department
Public Works Authority
Fax No. (+974) 44950777
Email:  esd.tenders@ashghal.gov.qa